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Editorial Staff

Jane Elliott, Publisher

Jane Elliott co-founded Directions Media in 1998 along with husband, the late Scott Elliott. Both had previously founded Wessex, one of the first companies to offer desktop mapping and digital street and demographic data packaged together. Ms. Elliott has guided the company toward substantial growth during the Directions’ eighteen year history as the first entirely online geospatial publication.

Barbaree Duke, Executive Webinar Producer, Managing Editor

Barbaree Duke has been working with geospatial technologies since 2000 and has been with Directions Magazine as an Assistant Webinar Producer since 2011. In 2013 she became a permanent member of the webinar production team. She also has served as the Webinar Coordinator for the National Council for Geographic Education since 2010.

Barbaree is veteran classroom teacher and an educational consultant. She taught English Language Arts in grades 6-12 as well as a technology and GIS electives from 1989 to 1994. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in English at Baylor University. Annually you can see her presenting on integrating geospatial technologies at GIS, technology and education conferences, teaching professional development and writing curriculum for K-12 classrooms. Along with numerous articles and lessons on integrating geospatial technologies into the classroom, she’s authored two books: 20 Minute GIS for Young Explorers as well as a solo work, Reading, Writing and Thinking around the Globe:Geospatial Technologies for English Language Arts and Beyond. When she's not webinaring, travelling, blogging or creating, you'll find her tutoring students in reading and math most weekday afternoons from her home base in Covington, LA.

Dr. Diana Sinton, Contributing Editor

Diana S. Sinton has been teaching, writing, and speaking about geospatial technologies in education throughout her professional career. Currently she is the Executive Director of the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS), a non-profit, membership organization that supports a higher education community of practice around GIScience research and teaching. As an adjunct associate professor at Cornell University, she teaches courses in spatial analysis and GIS. She also serves as the Series Editor for Esri’s SpatiaLABS collection. Her interests include the use of social and cultural data within GIS applications, humanitarian mapping projects, and the roles of geospatial technologies and spatial literacy in teaching and learning, especially for students who are novices to GIS. Since 1997 she has been teaching university students and has also led more than 100 professional development workshops for faculty and academic staff. Diana worked previously for the University of Redlands where she led a campus-wide initiative to integrate mapping and spatial perspectives into diverse academic disciplines. She also served as the GIS Program Director for the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE). Her book publications include The People’s Guide to Spatial Thinking (NCGE, 2013) and Understanding Place: GIS and Mapping across the Curriculum (Esri Press, 2007). Diana is a geographer who studied at Middlebury College and Oregon State University. More of her ideas can be found at and Twitter’s @dianamaps.

Bill McNeil, Contributing Editor

Bill has over twenty-four years of developing and marketing GIS applications. In the early 90’s he founded MapLinx Corporation, a company focused on business applications such as sales analysis, territory design and call planning. After selling MapLinx, McNeil founded Chrona Software, another business mapping company that developed GIS applications for the sales automation and CRM space. When Chrona software was sold to Esri in 1994, McNeil managed Esri’s BusinessMap group for fourteen years. In 2009 he left Esri and developed, under the TexMobile brand, a web-based integrated mapping solution that creates point, cluster and heat maps, builds mileage logs to document travel expenses and creates routing directions from CRM and Excel databases. Bill is an avid UAV pilot. 

Rebeckah Flowers, Copy Editor

Rebeckah Flowers is a freelance wordsmith with nearly 20 years of writing and editing experience in the worlds of publishing, education and corporate business acumen. Rebeckah graduated with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Swarthmore College, let wanderlust take her, and began her career as an editorial ghostwriter and copyeditor with EcoNews in Beirut, Lebanon. While there, she decided to cross teaching off her bucket list and accepted a position at the American Community School of Beirut, where she and a colleague designed, wrote and implemented an interactive, cross-disciplinary history curriculum for Grade 9. After returning to the U.S., Rebeckah served as the Curriculum Manager of Business Acumen at Strategic Management Group in Philadelphia, where she added a dash of marketing, a healthy dose of sales training and a ton of project management to the mix, while continuing to develop her skills in editing and communications. When the vagaries of life took her to State College, Pa., Rebeckah founded a creative media services company, working with companies across the country writing content and advertising copy, copyediting online and offline publications, and providing audio voiceover services for promotional video, television and radio commercials. Connect with Rebeckah by email at or on LinkedIn.

Lynette Quaglia, Webinar Production Assistant


Jeff Koncz, Director of Technology

Johnny Elliott, Website and Graphic Design Manager

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